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In the sprawling landscape of digital creation, my journey began as the CEO of Hurst Entertainment, armed with a makeshift tripod and an unwavering passion for multimedia storytelling. From those humble DIY beginnings, I plunged headfirst into the thrilling realm of live streaming, mastering the intricacies of OBS to propel my content across diverse social media platforms. Under the banner of Hurst Entertainment, we orchestrated a formidable campaign, raising over $4,000 for Autism Speaks through a series of heart-pounding live streams, culminating in a spectacular final event before a live audience and using OBS for the first time.

My narrative took an unexpected turn when I crossed paths with Charlotte, one of the TOP Advisors at Oregon Tech. Discovering her podcasting prowess, we joined forces to illuminate the challenges and triumphs of a content creator's college life. As the story unfolded, I ventured into the realms of documentary filmmaking, producing a thought-provoking piece on AI and Ray Tracing.

Not one to rest on laurels, I recently acquired a powerhouse laptop with an i9-13900H core processor and GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card, propelling me into the realm of multistreaming. By installing the OBS Multiple-RTMP outputs plugin, I gained the ability to broadcast across multiple platforms simultaneously. No longer confined to singular broadcasts, I now embark on a digital odyssey, crafting stories that resonate across the vast expanse of the online world. My journey reflects not just personal evolution but a commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital creation and bringing out the best version of audience members, one livestream at a time.

My Technical Portfolio

Creator Career

From humble beginnings to multimedia status--oh, there were many good times over the years! My experiences have shaped my skills and values to where they are now. Scroll to learn how I got to my current position as a multimedia creator, pick up on some tricks of the trade, and learn about my thought processes when improving how WayneZ0207™️ multimedia content is created.

Hurst Entertainment during second-year anniversary

Hurst Entertainment

April 7th, 2020 - June 18th, 2022

Our dynamic journey commenced during my sophomore year in high school, on April 7th, 2020, amidst the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world. Hurst Entertainment emerged from humble beginnings, founded by three fish hatchery visionaries armed with nothing more than a DIY tripod for my phone. This marked the genesis of a saga that would define our evolution in the realm of content creation as we acquired more team members, some of whom left throughout the campaign, totaling 14 altogether and performed gaming and video reaction charity livestreams for Autism Speaks.

As we navigated the complexities of digital creation, our equipment evolved. The DIY tripod made way for a laptop, facilitating a seamless login to Facebook with PC streaming capabilities. Subsequent upgrades included a USB webcam and microphone, transforming each live stream into a sensory masterpiece. Amidst these technological advancements, a pivotal moment unfolded during my senior year—the inception of the "Hurst Entertainment Weekend Morning Podcast." Conceived in the Digital Media class, this podcast became a platform for diverse and meaningful storytelling, delving into stories surrounding autism and sharing random tales from across the world.

The campaign, which started as a sophomore, witnessed its climactic moment on June 18th, 2022 following graduation. A more powerful laptop took center stage, ushering in a transformative era. This landmark event not only marked the first-ever use of OBS Studio during a live stream but also integrated the long-awaited Capture Card into our production. The campaign, rooted in the challenges of a pandemic, stands as a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate in the dynamic world of content creation.

College Library

Life of a Content-Creating College Student

November, 2022 - Present

In the vibrant tapestry of campus life at Oregon Tech, my journey took an unexpected turn when I crossed paths with Charlotte Waite, a TOP Advisor. Our introduction was indirect, initially meeting during a brief tour of OIT and officially getting acquainted when I enrolled in the TOP Program. It was during my time in the flight school program that we fully introduced ourselves, setting the stage for a collaboration that would redefine my content creation narrative.

As my academic journey encountered hurdles, particularly in navigating the complexities of Math 101, I sought motivation and found an unexpected ally in my TOP Advisor at the time, Claire Peterson. Recognizing my desire to reignite a podcast, she pointed me towards Charlotte, who, having her own podcasting experience, became the ideal collaborator. This marked the genesis of "Life of a Content-Creating College Student," a podcast that explores the delicate balance between content creation and the rigors of college-level academics.

The podcast, now in its second season, has evolved into a platform where we discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise from juggling content creation and academic pursuits. Season 2, much like its predecessor, features guest appearances, adding diverse perspectives on the intricate dance between work, academia, and creativity. From its humble beginnings, the podcast has become a multimedia venture, with episodes available on Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, offering insights into the unique challenges faced by content creators navigating the college experience.

The Advanced Technological Philosophy Title

The Advanced Technological Philosophy

June 7th, 2023

Created amidst the dynamic landscape of Spring term, The Advanced Technological Philosophy explores the ethical nuances of AI and Ray Tracing., and stands as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary exploration as I navigated the intricate balance between coursework and cinematic creation.

Armed with determination, I chose the path of using basic Clipchamp to edit the film, showcasing not only the capabilities of technology but also the resilience required to wield it effectively. As coursework demanded attention, I adeptly wove between the complexities of film editing and the pursuit of excellence in my studies, striving to maintain a pristine 4.0 GPA.

The narrative unfolds, unraveling the capabilities, benefits, and potential pitfalls of AI and Ray Tracing. As the story unfolds, it weaves together a tapestry that contemplates the trajectory of these technologies, exploring events that could propel us into a worldwide dystopia. Rooted in the academic inspiration that fueled its creation, the film aims not just to entertain but to provoke thought on the ethical landscapes we navigate in the realm of advanced technology, having garnered around 200 views.

"The Advanced Technological Philosophy" is available for purchase on DVD. Released to the public on Facebook and YouTube on June 7th, 2023, this cinematic venture has been a labor of passion and curiosity, inviting you to revisit and engage with its thought-provoking narrative at your leisure. This film is also registered under Federal Copyright Law, registration number PA 2-457-766.


NVidia and Simulcasting

October, 2023 - December 2023

Embarking on a new frontier in content creation, I recently acquired an i9-13900H core processor laptop with a GeForce RTX 4080 Graphics card, boasting 4 TB + 4 TB SSD storage and a staggering 64 GB of RAM. This technological powerhouse, equipped with the NVidia NVENC encoder, not only elevates the quality of my streams but also provides the versatility needed for a myriad of creative endeavors. Streaming in high definition and handling complex tasks with ease, this laptop opens doors to limitless possibilities in the realm of content creation.

Enhancing the content creation experience, I've integrated the OBS Multiple-RTMP outputs plugin into my arsenal. This ingenious tool simplifies the process of simulcasting, allowing me to broadcast seamlessly to multiple platforms simultaneously. By plugging in the RTMP server and respective stream keys of each platform, I activate a synchronized broadcast, amplifying the reach and impact of my content. This leap in technology not only streamlines my workflow but also ensures that my audience can enjoy my livestreams across a diverse array of platforms.

WayneZ0207™️ livestreams are broadcast on Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The implementation of using the technological powerhouse known as my VideoMaker9000 and the OBS Multiple-RTMP outputs plugin intends to make WayneZ0207™️ livestreams more accessible to the public. As someone raised with a sense of tradition, I believe in the impact of word-of-mouth. The more accessible my content is to my audience, the more opportunities we have to develop a community that builds relationships, makes memories and breaks barriers that might otherwise hold us back. It is not every day that people congregate together craving mind-boggling entertainment, namely those that break the fourth wall. This diversification of my audience makes my content universal and fosters a welcoming environment for anyone to tune into.

OpenVINO logo

Audacity and Audio Engineering

February 2024

Early Season 2 of Life of a Content-Creating College Student, Charlotte Waite, recurring Season 2 guest Zoe Smiley, and myself noticed some problems regarding the voiceovers and their audio quality in our podcast episodes. Due to the nature of OBS' plugins and the NVidia Broadcast noise cancellation features, it was getting tough to hear our voices in the recordings in the episodes we record, particularly Charlotte's and Zoe's. After messing around with the filters, they got out of hand and I needed to redefine the standards of audio for WayneZ0207™️ multimedia content. After many desperate attempts at trying to fix the audio, I remembered the basic principle of branding and product differentiation: every product is different in ways that allow them to stand out. Taking this into account, I looked up tutorials that were relevant to the specific microphone I was using and that's how I began using audio engineering. Oregon Tech Professor, Dr. Mark Neupert, taught me that audio is one of the toughest aspects of making a movie (or video in my context). I took his advice to heart when making The Advanced Technological Philosophy and began utilizing his piece of advice even further with the increasing production of podcast episodes over livestreams due to external factors out of my control.

After plenty of research, I came across Audacity, a program that Charlotte used during her time in college as a student doing a different podcast for the university. The YouTube tutorials for Audacity were easy to learn and, combined with the reassurance that the NVidia Broadcast AI noise reduction tools were doing the trick, I began to notice the audio in my podcast episodes begin to improve. I've even seen improvements in my test recordings in OBS after redoing my filters to specifically fit the QuadCast microphone I was using that has a variety of polar patterns that are guaranteed to fill our ears with aural stimuli. However, during my time in BUS 256, I began to realize the importance of AI more than ever in the evolving technological landscape of the world. I thought to myself: what if there was an AI audio editor that would make things easier? Days after I discussed this with Charlotte, I found out about Intel's AI system, OpenVINO. It was released to the public alongside an AI powered chip that falls into the newer category of processors known as NPUs that would be known as Intel Core Ultra or project Meteor Lake. 

Immediately after hearing that OpenVINO was compatible with Audacity, I jumped at the golden opportunity and with the help of an Oregon Tech TriO SSM, I installed OpenVINO's Audacity plugin and since then, I have begun experimentation with it as well. OpenVINO allows for music remixes, music separation, noise suppresion, music generation, and whisper transcription. AI plugin tools in hand, I now have the potential to further engineer audio to blast off like a rocket into orbit, shooting my audio upward towards the starlight of the cosmos, and create a euphoric aural feel with my podcast voiceovers when they are accompanied by background music that allows the listeners to kick back and get into some comfy PJs after a long day of work (or get out of them depending on what time of the day it is) to listen to a stunning podcast with high-quality, bass boosted audio.

Gaming Setup

The Future of WayneZ0207

Present and Ongoing

As I gaze into the future, the possibilities are boundless. The battle against workaholism takes center stage with upcoming fundraisers for Step Up for Mental Health, aiming to create a supportive space for content creators, gamers, and viewers alike. WayneZ0207™️ livestreams, now broadcasted to various platforms simultaneously, mark the beginning of a new era in audience engagement. Expansion into additional social media platforms and the production of more documentary films, akin to "The Advanced Technological Philosophy," are on the horizon. These initiatives represent not just milestones but a commitment to creating meaningful content that resonates with and entertains diverse audiences, addresses pertinent societal issues, and encourages the audience to be the best version of themselves.

I make it my everyday responsibility as a multimedia creator to reach audiences from all platforms across the internet and foster a comfortable and empowering environment where every audience member can improve themselves while experiencing high-quality entertainment through audio-engineered sounds and ray-traced graphics. My commitment is to provide high-quality entertainment and guidance while breaking the fourth wall in every video I do through my jokes or pop-culture and gaming references. Every day I jump on social media is an opportunity to learn new things about the internet, about the audience, and about myself. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, society has grown to embrace work as a coping mechanism and a part of everyday activities regardless of pleasant distractions all around us. We now face a pandemic known as workaholism; an addiction that consists of constant working and constant thoughts about working with no satisfaction from work in any form. We need to realize that there is more to life than just working a standard 9-to-5 job and begin taking the time to improve ourselves and our well-being.

WayneZ0207™️ Multimedia Content is being created to help you do just that. If the content resonates with you and you feel moved and empowered to improve yourself and give back to others, get in touch with me if you have any questions about new content releases and follow all of my social media accounts and if the platform you're following me on has this feature, turn on notifications or ring the bell so you are notified of any new content releases as they happen. You can always change your mind later. 

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